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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update after 1 year....

I haven't been using my blog for quite a long time but I need to use it for a computer class assignment.

The Simpsons - Homer Evolution

Monday, November 30, 2009

I was bored ^^

Remember the Mr.Squeeshee I brought to school last year?

Well here it is!

Kimchi and Unagi

I had two fighting fishes, unagi and kimchi, but then my guared killed kimchi. Unagi is the red - ishblack one and Kimchi is the blue-ish black one. I made a grave of kimchi. Ungai is actually starting to get lonely so i made a fake kimchi but i coloured it wrongly.

Kimchi's grave
Unagi and the fake Kimchi

this is Unagi, alone :( So sad


Sorry that i haven't been updating my blog. At first i thought no one would read my blog anymore. Then i saw my friends reading my blog and they kept on askin me to update. So, since i have nothing to do I'm gonna update!I HAD THE URGE!!!!I LIKE CATS

Friday, October 23, 2009

My pet society profile

enjoyed a photo album of Chewy
Name of my pet: Chewy
Level: VIP pet level 18
Paw points:7,39

Monday, October 12, 2009


it was a moment nobody wants to face :(

When pigeons attack!

You know pigeons right? well in case you don't here's how you look like:

In the 1900s(not sure about the year), pegions are usually used to send mesagges to other people. But now in our time, pegions are different. They're more

  • disgusting

  • uglier

  • more annoying

When I went to Australia I saw this place filled with pigeons. When all of them flew away, there was a lot of poop on the grass. There's also this one time where there's this statue of a man with a pigeon on top. And there it was....the poop of the pigeon on the victims head. My brother had an interview with the statue ( not really an interview ), here's the conversation:

Bro: So what do you think of becoming one of the victims of the PIGEONS!!1!


Bro: Great anwer! :D How do you feel when a PIGEON(DUM DUM DUUUM) just landed on your head and pooped without thinking about your feeling?

Statue:..........................................................(cricket sound)

Bro: Well thanks for answering our questions! have a nice day. Here have a 100 dollars ( actually just a piece of paper )

Statue: (Paper flies away and the statue had no reaction)

And that was how the interview went.....

Here's are pictures of the statue:


Thanks for reading :D

**Dayana's original**

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To people from six Edison who is reading my blog,

If you are free at 16 of October around 4.30 could you please tell me coz i need to make a comfirmation for the movie. The movie gonna be Cloudy and the chances of Meatballs, I think. It's in 3-D :D .

Please SMS to this number: -----

P.S It's first come first serve. There is only about 16 chairs. If you are willing to share with your friends, it'll be great :D. Save up more space.

World Coffee : Dust Blanket Sydney

There's this huge outback dust storm, if I'm not mistaken at the Eastern Australia, Sydney. The dust have been disrupting people's transportation system.. It also forced people and killed lots of corps which were grown in the area.Why must it happen! I liked the vege in Australia -_-.Poor thing :'( . Scientists are reluctant to directly link climate change with extreme weather stuff like storms, saying these fluctuate according to atmospheric conditions, but green groups link the two in theircalls for action. Even the bees that were taken care of died. :(

So don't go to Sydney. Besides, eventhough you're planning to go your flight or your ferries might have been suspended. Warning hat the red dust can choke you then you just died a red death.

P.S - Sorry i copied your code thing, Annli. Forgive me :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hari Raya Tales :The story of a pink doll.

One Day, there was this pink doll which was given to me in 2008 if I'm not mistaken. This pink doll was a pink doll. Very pink that it was a pink doll. I named it....uh..actually I didn't give it a name so lets call it "pinky". So anyway, I hated pink so in a few weeks, since I hated pink, my mom gave it away to my father's side. Unfortunately for Pinky, there were no little girls to play with her.

Pinkie was really sad that she wasn't accepted and she was left in the storage. One night, my uncle got an idea. The idea involved Pinky. Pinkie's dream finally came true!(well not really).The next day, my uncle took Pinkie and tied her on her neck and hanged her on a tree, besides the goats so that she could "play"(shoo off/scare off) the crows and the goats. This year, I went to my uncles house and I saw her..on a tree. And a goat was baa-ing at Pinky. I was so proud of her because she finally could be used.(not really) THE END
Here's a picture of her:-**Dayana's original**

Notes to reader: I am NOT cruel. At least she's playing with the crows! If u still think I'm's okay. If you want to, you can copy and paste this story but you MUST NOT say it's your own. You have to put **Dayana's original** and my blog's URL. Sorry , coz I just don't want anyone to steal my idea..

-Thanks :D

Friday, September 18, 2009


I know i had done this before but i'm gonna do this again..

Remember that game where you have to find the difference. Of course you don't! Coz people haven't been visiting my blog coz i was busy for the past few months. SO this time i'm gonna post it again. This time the due date is at the 26 of September 2009. This time it's a bit different

How many differences can you find between the two pictures:-
Picture number one!

and here's picture number two!

The winner will have his/her name posted. You submit the answers in the cbox. Thanks

P.S- It's gonna be my b'day next Thursday :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Restaurant : Restaurant City : 18/09/09

This is my restaurant
Here is the bio for this restaurant:
Name: BlobCat's Variety
Level : 21
Popularity(max): 50.00
gourmet points:117245
Money :25167
Number of trophys: 8

That's all I could think of :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm in skool now and we're allowed to play COMPUTER!......Right..I'm bord ..really..really bored. I'll make a post after 5.00 maybe.. BYE :D
P.SW I thnk I lost my reputation of having a great blog *sigh*


You know Facebook right? Facebook is for communicating with your freinds and strangers and take quizzes. But I don't do that.. I play the games! My most faourite one was a game called restaurant city::

Restaurant City is a game where you could decorate your own restaurant. You could trade ingreients with your friends and then level up your dishes. you can also make your own human! Some people make their humans strangely, look for yourself. But the best part of the game to look at other peoples restaurant and decorate their own restaurant and compete with your friends. And you could also grow you own ingredients. Maybe some time I could take a photo of my restaurant and give a summary of my restaurant.

This game is made from Playfish, the biggest sociable game makers!

Next coming up on Facebook games...

  • Pet Society
  • Country Story

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm back!

Hi everybody! Now i have the time to update my blog almost everyday and now it's going to be a bit more different for every post i make i shall have pictures coz' I want my blog to be a bit more exciting and full of pics to make it interesting!